Physiology and Genomics of Mastitis

Experimental dissection of host-pathogen interaction in the udder

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31st of October – November 2nd, 2011
Evangelische Akademie Tutzing; Germany

Tutzing in Germany

Tutzing is located about 40 km in the south of Munich at the western shore of lake Starnberg.

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Flight plan Airport Munich

From Munich to Tutzing

The village can easily be reached by public transport including regional trains from Munich with destination Garmisch-Partenkirchen or Kochel or also the S6 Munich public transport line from Munich to its final destination Tutzing.

Going by car and approaching from Munich you take the motorway A95 towards Garmisch-Partenkirchen with destination Starnberg. In Starnberg you either choose the state road at the lake's western shore in southern direction with destination Tutzing or you take the B2 federal road towards Weilheim with destination Traubing. In Traubing you turn left and follow the signs guiding you to Tutzing.

The location of the Evangelische Akademie Tutzing

It takes you about 10 minutes to walk from Tutzing station to the Evangelische Akademie via Bahnhofstrasse, Hallberger Allee and Hauptstrasse.